Missy Elliot Makes Music Comeback With New Song “WTF” F/ Pharrell!

missy-elliot-wtf missy-elliot-the-walkin-mannequin missy-elliot-wtf-video

It’s been 10 years! Sheesh! Where does the time go?

Missy Elliot is back with her creative visuals, hard knocking beats and eclectic wardrobe. Her new single “WTF (Where They From)” featuring music genius Pharrell may remind you of her 2003 hit “Pass That Dutch” but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is something music has been missing.

Nicki Minaj has been at the top riding solo for some time but now…..Missy is back! We’ll see how this changes the dynamic. Watch the “WTF” visual below.[ Sip This Tea » ]

BACK ON? Rick Ross & Lira Galore Spotted Together!


Turn to your neighbor and say “Love Wins”, Ha! Looks like Lira Galore has her “Fat Boy” back after heavy rumors circulated that the two called off their engagement.  Ross kicked her out of his Georgia Mansion and everything, chile. 

BUT, Last night the social media expert posted on her Snapchat, a video of her and ross cruising around town. The real flex came when she flashed her engagement ring that is worth more than our houses and cars. *Sighs* So what is the real tea on why these two split, if they ever really split in the first place? [ Sip This Tea » ]

Tamar Braxton Leaves Dancing With The Stars Due To Medical Condition!


Tamar Braxton has been killing this season of Dancing with the Stars, but unfortunately it has to come to an end after she received terrible news from her physician.

Before her latest DWTS performance she was rushed to the hospital and was told by doctors not to leave but “Slay Tay” had to slay the dance floor one more time! It’s so unfortunate that her run had to end under these circumstances because she definitely had the potential to win! [ Sip This Tea » ]

Christina Milian Blames Lil Wayne’s Infidelities For Their Split!


In the latest episode of Christina Turned Up, Christina Milian gives the real on why her and her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne broke up. We’re blaming this one on Instagram!

The star explained that while she was surfing through the popular social media app, she found a picture of a women in Wayne’s home posing in a sports bra and booty shorts. Milian says she confronted Wayne but he denied any relations but his explanation wasn’t enough. [ Sip This Tea » ]

Ladies, Is It Worth It? K.Michelle Says She Regrets Getting Butt Injections!


More and more women are getting butt implants to enhance the appearance of their figure but is it worth it? Not all butt injections are being performed legally,with over 70% being performed illegally, deaths from black market injections have been reported in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New York City. Is this a result of what people see on TV and social media sites?

The need to look unrealistic is so popular these days but why? Maybe because people mimic what they see so if you can get an hourglass shape from wearing a waist trainer for a month why not or if you can go into a dark room and get your butt plumped (by someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing) why not….it’s like no one cares about the risks.  It’s all about a quick fix these days and hopefully ladies you’ll get that things don’t come easy, if they do, then we’ll guarantee there will be a lot of headaches to come.[ Sip This Tea » ]